Sunday, May 27, 2012


Everyone is eager to know how much this is going to cost. Unpredictable fluctuations in fuel prices and exchange rates could substantially alter the eventual Tour cost.
However, we all need a figure to work with.

I have come to £350-£400. At the current exchange rate this is between $720 and $820. It would be nice to plump for the lower figure but allowing for the higher one should reduce the possibility of nasty surprises.
This covers:
· Eight nights’ bunkroom accommodation at Youlbury Activity Centre
· Breakfasts
· Welcome evening meal
· Pub lunch in Headington
· Lammas Feast
· Entrance to Blenheim Palace and possibly one other Ticketed attraction such as Kennilworth Castle or Warwick Castle. (This is where we would pull back and make it your own cost if other prices sky-rocket).
· Hire of Bucknell Village Hall, and a venue for the Lammas Ale
· All travel by minibus and parking fees.
That’s £50 (currently $100 a day) for bed, breakfast, transport and "A whole heap of fun and special dance spots". I guess it’s over to you all to put the Fun into the Tour!
Still to confirm is requirement for dancing insurance, which may need to be worked into registration cost if dancers are not covered by default by English cover.
Payment details still to be confirmed.

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